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Teen Drug Rehab

July 20th, 2014

Although mainstream drug rehab facilities have the best interest of all their patients in mind, teenagers who are struggling with drug addiction need specialized care to achieve recovery. Teen and adolescent drug rehab provide a safe, productive environment that speaks to the unique needs of young people by addressing issues of peer pressure, depression, family struggles and other serious concerns that often lead to substance abuse and addiction. The following are some of the rehabilitation programs teenagers attend:

  • Cocaine RehabTeen Cocaine Rehab: A recent 2008 studies show that 15% of Americans have tried cocaine and 6% or those have tried it before the 12th grade . It’s a highly addictive drug and long-term use can reduce the amount of dopamine receptors in the brain. When a user stops, the lack of dopamine in their brain will make them sad and leave them craving more cocaine.
  • Alcohol RehabAlcohol Rehab for Teens: Alcohol is the leading substance being abused by teens in the United States. Youths 12 to 20 make up 12% of all alcohol consumed in the US and 90% of that involved binge drinking 3. When a teen’s drinking negatively affects his or her school or home life and also continue to drink even after several attempts to make them quit, rehab might be in order.
  • Heroin RehabAdolescent Heroin Rehab: Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs being abused and it’s one that user can build a dependence for. When an addict with a tolerance for heroin tries to quit, that addict will likely suffer from serious withdrawal symptoms. In these cases, they would greatly benefit from detox and rehab.
  • Crystal Meth RehabTeenage Crystal Meth Rehab: In 2009, 1.2 million Americans over the age of 12 had tried methamphetamines . There are many street names for methamphetamines including: crystal meth, speed, ice, crystal and several more. No matter the name or form, they all can increase a user’s heart rate and blood pressure as well as many other harmful effects.
  • Marijuana RehabMarijuana Rehab for Teens: Marijuana is a popular drug used by teens. Over the past few years, it has grown in popularity among teens. In 2009 6% of 12th graders reported using it on a daily basis . While marijuana might not be as addictive as other drugs, it can take over a teen’s life and negatively affect their school and home life.

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